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Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development The Shirazi Foundation’s director attends a meeting titled

As a resource for the general public, the foundation serves people in a vast

Publishing house, serving local authors, magazines, newspapers and similar publishing demands from the general

A research institute focusing on rights on individuals and youth. It conducts debates, seminars

A community center and congregation facility managed by women for women. It holds weekly

a strong, diverse, and motivated foundation in research and translation entity with numerous publications

As a resource for the general public, the foundation serves people in a vast

The entity focuses on particular strategic research and policies and promotes developmental initiatives

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In the past , books were the most general means of reaching people.  With

Social Services are critical responsibility of every society to prevent people from poverty and

In order to help reduce social injustice, it is important for the general public

Hundreds of innocent people are being killed every day as a result of suicide

Education is extremely important in the well-being of society, and in societies in which

Education  in the arts is an integral part of the development of each human

Shirazi believes that mental growth is very important and results in the success of

Health Care in the United States is provided by many distinct organizations Health care


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