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Unrest in Iraq

Shirazi Foundation Statement on Recent Unrest in Iraq

In a statement, Shirazi Foundation announces its concerns about the growing unrest in Iraq.
In its statement, the Foundation called on all parties to exercise the utmost restraint and not be dragged into violent behavior. The protest is a social demand for change, and the only way it can succeed is if it is entirely peaceful. Demonstrators should not destroy any public, private, governmental or private properties.

The following is the text of the statement:

Shirazi Foundation follows has monitored the unfortunate events unfolding in Iraq, including demonstrations in Baghdad which have led to the death of dozens of people and left many more injured. Demonstrators demand a system of government that is fair, portrays justice, works for the people, and restores the rights of people.
While expressing our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased individuals, we ask representatives of all sides of the conflict to remain peaceful; demonstrators in their demonstrations, and government forces in maintaining order and security. Iraqis are asking for the freedom to express an opinion, demand for fairness and justice. People reject injustice, despotism and seek a governing system based on plural presence of all sides where consultation in finding a solution for the problems.

Therefore, we call upon all parties and sides to enable Iraqi people to exercise these rights, listen to the demands of the people, implement them, and preserve the lives of the demonstrators and not to react violently towards peaceful protestors. We also ask all Iraqis to remain peaceful in their demonstrations as violence only destroys properties or their fellow neighbors, and has no positive impact.

We also call upon the government of Iraq to hold accountable any individual who is responsible for the unfortunate death of innocent demonstrators or police forces. Corruption, instability, and unjust governing methods only ruin Iraq’s chances of rebuilding itself as the great nation it can and should be.