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 Volunteer, take part in healthy growth, promote peace one word at a time….


Shirazi Foundation is an educational Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ), which promotes social growth via various teaching approaches. making available collections of resources gathered in years through in depth research in Islam, Hadith, Islamic Law, Human Rights, Islamic Economy, Banking, Law, Sociology, and etc.

Our work on daily bases involves writing, editing, advocating, educating, and catering useful information to educators and intellectuals. Many Interns, Volunteers, advisors and like-minded have cooperated with the organization in promoting its ideology and making available the resources on hand to facilitate a rich platform for knowledge enthusiasts.

Shirazi Foundation has a fast paced work environment and we seek talented writers, editors, translators etc, who crave the opportunity to strengthen their resume  and aren’t afraid to tackle writing  projects.  As an volunteer you will get to work with a variety of our executive staff and will work on projects that will help us grow.

            Our ideal candidate is someone who can present an intriguing article about an academic analysis of books, articles, and etc.

What You Will Learn:


●       Familiarize with different views of this well published author;  including Social, Political, Economical, Human Rights topics 

●       Conduct research, analytical papers, and articles about any of the 1400 books published by Sayyed Mohammad Shirazi 

●       cooperate with like-minded organizations to promote peaceful and healthy growth in the society 


What We Require:


●       Background in Human Rights, Religion, Political Science, International Affairs, Communications, Economics, Women Rights, and/or other related Majors 

●       Highly organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive projects 

●       Fearless – not afraid to be a bold and think outside the box 

●       Enjoy learning, educating, and advocating for positive and educational causes 

If this sounds interesting we want to hear from you


To apply please submit your resume to Ibrahim@iswf.us


Shirazi Foundation Management