In the past , books were the most general means of reaching people.  With the advancement of technology, this is done via the internet and satellites in a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds, reaching many more people.  Shirazi Foundation has been one of the successful religious entities in promoting Shia thoughts and ideologies using the new technology. In its offices located, in different countries around the globe, programs are produced in different languages such as Arabic, Farsi, English, French, Urdu, etc., based on the ideologies driven from Qur’an and writings of Ahlul,bayt.  These programs  are then  broadcasted via Satellite. Those who are interested in our wide audience, use the internet to watch these programs on their computers, TVs, smart phones, etc. Since Shia families are diverse, the foundation has also produced programs in which teaches people about various cultures and  other communities and their basic rights.