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Islamic Law a Handbook of rulings on Islamic duties and practices

The teachings of Islam are devised therefore to enable mankind attain prosperity in this life and in the hereafter. As part of the measures to attain that prosperity an adult Muslim needs to conduct his or her affairs according to the teachings of Islam and behave and respond accordingly in all aspects of life.
Those issues and affairs range from matters concerning acts of worship to other matters such as family, culture, current affairs, financial transactions, etiquettes and ethics.
An adult Muslim thus has a duty to learn the teachings of Islam on those issues that he or she might come across in life .some of those teachings may be readily available ,and if not. He or she must learn or seek the answers to one’s queries.
This book the Islamic law is the conductions of his Grand Ayatollah Saied Sadiq Al Shirazi
and his views in all the concepts of the Islam that are conducted from the Quran and the Narrations from the prophet Mohammed (p.o.h.a.h.f) and his family (p.o.t) and from the consensus and from the intellect .
This book contains many important topics in Islam like:
Ijtihad and Taqleed

Ijtihad: is the deduction of sharia’s rulings from its detailed evidences he who is able to perform such deductions is called mujtahid.
Taqleed: is to act according to the judgments of a fully qualified mujtahid. He who does so is referred to as moqalid.

2.Salah: ore the obligatory daily prayers is amongst the greatest of religious acts and the most important of them rather it is the pillar of the religion if it accepted all other deeds are accepted and if reject all other deeds are rejected as stated by Allah’s messenger (peace be upon him and his pure progeny.)
3. Fasting: is to obtain from acts muftir that break the fast from the time of the fajr adhan to the Maghreb in accordance with the command of the almighty Allah.
4. hajj: is an obligatory act of worship that is mandatory upon every Muslim to perform once in a lifetime as soon as becoming capable mostatee and it is not permissible for a mostatee one who meets all criteria and ability to perform it and thus is liable to it to delay or postpone it from the year of ability or liability.
5. Zakat and Khums:
Khums is literally means one fifth and it is the rate levied on incomes as given in the holly Quran.
6. Jihad
The Greater jihad is the jihad or struggle of the soul in which one charges and obliges oneself to perform the obligatory duties and charitable deeds and to abstain and refrain from the prohibited and evil acts.
7. Slaughtering and hunting of animals:
If a halal meat animal is slaughtered according to the Islamic method which will be mentioned afterwards its meat after the departure of its soul will be halal and its corpse tahir regardless of whether the animal is wild or domesticated however an animal that has been copulated by a human its meat is not rendered halal after slaughter.
8: Emigration to non-Islamic countries:
It is permissible to migrate to non-muslim counties for the purpose of seeking knowledge and suchlike on the condition that one does not commit the haram .