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World Population Day

The international community celebrates July 11th as the World Population Day.

It is essential to provide fair and affordable housing for all people, especially those in dire circumstances. Housing and development should best away from any discrimination and segregation. Economic and social stability are important when it comes to physical and mental health and development of any society. People have the right to live in a healthy environment and fair and affordable housing is one of the steps in this regard.

Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Shirazi emphasized on the importance of this subject in his books numerously and reiterated the important role governments play in helping in below poverty level of the society in achieving this goal. Islamic Law place an emphasis on how provided housing for people can lead to reducing the gap between society classes.

The Shirazi Foundation takes this opportunity to invite all leaders and presidents in the Arab and Islamic world to pay particular attention to this, and to pay attention to the most significant cost to the citizens which are the housing and raising a family which go hand in hand. It is the responsibility of Governments to provide adequate housing for their citizens and to work to create a societal atmosphere free of the turmoil caused by the absence of social justice prevailing in many of our countries.