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American Leadership Initiative for Muslims Convention, 2011

Recently, Imam Shirazi World Foundation (ISWF) attended an important convention hosted by Islamic Information Center (IIC) regarding  American Leadership Initiative for Muslims on September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of 2011 in neighborin city to Washington D.C, Bethesda. Throughout the ALIM convention, held annually, a large number of thinkers, scholars, professors, students, accompanied by political and religious organizations gathered to discuss the major changes that both people of leaders of our country are going through and brainstorm ideas to resolve and reduce misperceptions that may’ve been created amongst people of all races about religion of Islam. Speakers of this convention also emphasized on the progress of Shia-Muslims in variety of organizations in the United States, and this has been a great success for the Shia-Muslim community.

Executive directors of ISWF met with Maulana Naqvi, IIC chairman and Rahat Husain, the executive director of IIC in regards of their recent activities at Islamic Information Center. ISWF also had in depth conversation with Anwer Hasan, organizer of Muslims for Obama campaign, Mohamed Sabur, an experienced lawyer in Muslim Advocates branch in California, and Hassan Abbas, Harvard University professor. Series of conversations were held in regards of role of Media and its impact on the perception of ordinary people of both East and the West, Alex Kronemer took part in, and Seyed Mahdi Modaressi emphasized on this issue, and also gave an presentation about the unfortunate situation in Bahrain, and series of crimes that are committed without being noticed or emphasized on by the Media or even worse, minimal of coverage by Western humanitarian organizations.