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American Muslim Poll 2019

Public polls are taken from small samples of the society and if the sample sizes are taken wisely; they can showcase a trend in society. Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has conducted public polls for the past four years. Throughout this poll, 2,376 interviews were conducted, and great findings came out of this poll, which can serve as a roadmap for years ahead.

Shirazi Foundation’s Washington D.C attended the American Muslim Poll Launch hosted by Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. In this meeting, Panelists Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understand; Dr. John Esposito, Dr. Ibram Kendi, scholar of Racism  and antiracism, Mr. Walter Ruby: Chairman of Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum; and Mehdi Hassan: Columnist at the Intercept presented their views in a lively discussion regarding the 2019 report.

Shirazi Foundation’s Washington D.C director believes it is important to continue monitoring the growth of American Muslims in the United States, and in other countries, and it is also essential to keep track of growing discrimination noticed in different counties towards Muslims as a minority.

Muslims are contributing members of the society, wherever they go, and their growth should not go unnoticed.