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Letter to Muslim Leaders

Shirazi Foundation sent in conjunction with the approaching Eid al-Adha, this message to the leaders and rulers of the Arab and Islamic countries.
In its letter, the organization urges the Muslim leaders worldwide to renews vows of compassion and mercy towards their citizens, and take a second look at policies and laws that may put pressure on people.

The Foundation calls upon leaders and rulers of Islamic nations to seize this blessed occasion to initiate a new page of relations with their people, and to raise pardon and mercy against dissidents and violators who have been arrested, punished or prosecuted for political issues, by taking humanitarian measures, such as releasing them from prisons and dropping judgments and lawsuits against them. .

According to the Foundation, Allah has made this occasion an opportunity to review, correct and evaluate the level of the man himself and his relationship with others, which includes all the affairs of the Arab and Islamic nations.

The Foundation believes that reform, guidance, and dialogue are all essential elements to address the internal and external issues of peoples. The establishment of the rules of social and civil peace and human rights, public and private freedoms and even the right of peaceful opposition can lead to a peaceful diversity among people and a better future for the country and its citizens.