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Shouting in the Dark by Algazeera English


On September 8th, organized by Code pink Women for Peace, the unfortunate events in Bahrain gets another spotlight on in Washington D.C during a business casual gathering at Bus Boys and Poets accompanied by more than three dozens of journalists and leaders of major humanitarian, politically active organizations. Code pink presents the publicly available production of the documentary, shouting in the dark, produced by Aljazeera English and followed by comments by Husain Abdulla from Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, followed by inputs from Khalid Almarzooq from Al Vefagh Shia-Muslim opposition group in Bahrain, and the commentary cession is concluded by Joe Stork, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division. Representatives from Human Rights Watch, University of Maryland, Nonviolence International, George Mason University, Shia Rights Watch, and Imam Shirazi World Foundation .  Throughout this event, representatives from mentioned organizations have gathered to discuss the recent events that took place in Bahrain.