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International Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10 every year, and this day symbolizes the day on which the General Assembly in 1948 adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on this day seventy years ago it approved a historic document that declared inalienable rights. The document acknowledged that every person has rights that he enjoys as a human being, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, language, political opinion or others, national or social origin, wealth, birth, or any other status, and it is the most translated document in the world, and is available In more than 500 languages.

That document was preceded by more than 1,400 years a more comprehensive human rights law, exemplified by the holy book of God, the Quran,  among Muslims, and it was followed by a prophetic tradition of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers be upon him and his family, and the guiding imams after him, may God’s prayers and peace be upon them all. Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussein, peace be upon him wrote the manuscript of Human Rights for All , which is the most ancient written humanitarian document that includes all Human Rights.

The document  was distinguished by the fact that it dealt with more rights than what is written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As the manuscript included more than fifty rights, while the Universal Declaration of Human Rights did not exceed 8 articles, and the Imam’s Human Rights Message referred to rights ignored by international human rights documents, such as the right of God Almighty for his servant, which is the greatest of rights. It’s its origin. While the  Shirazi Foundation calls on the international body of the United Nations to take into account the rights mentioned in the message of rights to Imam al-Sajjad, peace be upon him, the International Council for Human Rights calls for the importance of serious work in this dangerous humanitarian issue, especially with the continuing phenomenon of violations by political systems or Intellectual groups or regional groups.

A large part of the international community suffers from acts of murder, enslavement, disappearance and forced detention, as well as intimidation and psychological and physical torture due to intellectual, political, religious or ethnic differences. It is painful for some parties and bodies that issue themselves as defenders of human rights to turn a blind eye to these violations. Indeed, some regimes and governments have deviated towards providing aid, assistance, and sometimes solidarity with those who commit violations. Therefore, Shirazi Foundation calls on the responsible authorities in the international community the importance of giving the global human rights file a care that rises to the level of the dangerous conditions that individuals and peoples are going through during this period, stressing the necessity of dealing with violators of these rights according to neutral humanitarian standards that categorically guarantee alleviation of injustice and injustice and pave the way For social justice and legally guaranteed public and private freedoms.