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Women and Extremism: A Tale of Two Experiences

Wilson Center

The  Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the Wilson Center titled Women and Extremism: A Tale of Two Experiences.  At this informative event an expert panel analyzed the roots of extremism amongst women who are lured by terrorist movements from different parts of the world. Experts on the panel presented answers to questions such as, what is the exact role women play in terrorism and how can it be  distinguishing whether they are willing participants or kidnapped victims forced to commit acts of terror?. An expert also tackled issues such as, why terror groups seek to persuade women of the west to join them.The attraction of violence power and  false promises from extremist groups, coupled with a distorted, misguided form of Islam commonly known as Wahhabi or Salafi was the answer when panelist posed the question,  what is the allure for women to join groups like  ISIS and what benefits does any women get from joining them.