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What’s Next For Afghanistan- Pakistan Relations?

Whats Next For Afghanistan

Shirazi Foundation attended an interactive symposium hosted by The Wilson Center, titled What’s Next For Afghanistan- Pakistan Relations?.An expert panel recognized that there has been a shift and a split between the two counties historically on many issues. In terms of the many terrorist groups in the two countries they have the same agenda as ISIS but under a different name. In some cases some of the dismantled terror groups have recently joined in with ISIS for various reasons. Experts also suggested both countries are going through similar circumstances as far as dealing with these radical extremist influences in the region.  Building a bridge for trade between the two countries were placed high on the list of projects to look forward too. Experts suggested that open dialogue is the way forward to countering war in the region. Experts made recommendations that the U.S. policy makers and those who feed policy need to find solutions after many years of finances placed in resolving the issues between the current rivaling countries.