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Theologian Ayatollah Shirazi addresses Musilm leaders regarding Ramadhan

In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate

The month of Ramadhan is the Lunar month chosen by God to bestow the Holy Qur’an upon his last Prophet; Mohammad, (Peace be upon him and his progeny), as a guidance for mankind, historic lessons learned from past, and roadmap for the future. 

Ramadhan is the month of mercy, compassion, helping the needy, and uplifting the oppressed. It’s month of cleansing the heart, body, and soul from ill thoughts, and actions. It is the month to focus within and take steps towards betterment. 

Prophet Mohammad advised people that this is the month of blessing where we can aim for a better hereafter, the judgement day. 

Ayatollah Shirazi seeks this opportunity and congratulates the Muslims and non-Muslim on arrival of this holy month, and reiterates the message of prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, that this month is the month of Mercy and forgiveness. World Leaders, including the leaders of Muslim nations can utilize this month to bridge the gap between their citizens, spread peace in their regions of control, and execute what true leaders do; uplift the hopeless and protect the helpless. 

Many countries are in Human Rights turmoil, and it is duty of world leaders to protect people as oppose to put them in harms way. Islam stands for peace and harmony, but unfortunately a violent picture of what Islam is not is portrayed and we as Muslims have the burden on our shoulders to cleanse that and rejuvenate the positive and constructive teachings of Islam. 

This month, Ramadhan, is another opportunity for betterment and we collectively, specially the world leaders, have responsibility to make this world a more peaceful place.  

May God bestow his blessings upon all of us, Muslim and Non-Muslim, and may you have a blessed and holy month of Ramadhan.