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“The Transition to Democracy in Southeast Asia”

USIP Burma

The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the United States Institute of Peace, titled Supporting Burma’s Transition to Democracy. A panel of experts began to recount the times spent and the work that took place in Southeast Asia, and what it took to regain and continue the momentum of trust.  Experts further explained that the initial goals were to establish national reconciliation, focus on human rights, economic building, health, and education. Experts mentioned the importance of Strategic development, working with the right set of people, tapping into to the right resources and structured coordination which was stated does not happen organically.  It was also mentioned that it came to a point where a dialogue had to take place with the people of Southeast Asia about the killing of religious minorities, and explained to them that it was counterproductive to the peace process and wrong. Experts further explained the details that took place in the 2014 election, how the international community stepped forward to reconstruct the elections through an election commission. The expert noted that overall the country is very informed of climate change and the impacts of it. Experts indicated that they saw congress as a necessary partner on various levels and that it was important that they moved together while the country underwent its transition.