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Stabilizing Iraq: What Is The Future For Minorities?

Shirazi Foundation’s researcher on Rise of Extremism  attended an interactive conference hosted by the United States Institute of Peace, titled, Stabilizing Iraq: What Is the Future for Minorities?.

Shortly after opening remarks Dr. Fareed Yasseen Iraq’s Ambassador to the U.S stated that the consequence of the fight against ISIS is that it has brought all of Iraq together collectively.

Many minorities over the last three years have faced unspeakable atrocities including mass murder, sexual enslavement, rape, and torture. According to experts Iraq post-ISIS, many minorities will suffer from PTSD and there should be a focus placed on organizations that are instrumental in preventing revenge killings. It was also suggested that Iraqi psychologist should be trained to counsel survivors of the war. Experts spoke of what practical steps look like to those living in areas affected by the terror group such as security, stability, economic opportunity, and development. Experts look forward to finding a practical solution to prevent and resolve a violent conflict by working with local partners in order to increase the number of individuals who will become a catalyst for peace.