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Special Representative Khalilzad; Prospects of Peace in Afghanistan


During an event hosted by United States Institute of Peace, Director of Shirazi Foundation meets the Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad in an event titled Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan.

Representative Khalilzad has expressed his optimism for dialogue with Taliban and achieving positive results.

 Numerous attempts by the humanitarian organizations including women rights, minority rights, and other activist groups has brought forth attention of the international community towards continuous human rights violations of the terrorist group Taliban upon the Afghan citizen including men, women and children. 

Representative Khalilzad emphasizes Afghan people have suffered for many years under the Taliban influence in Afghanistan and deserve a peaceful coexisting society


Shirazi Foundation Washington DC director hopes for an Afghanistan where all religious & ethnic minorities are able to coexist together without any violence and bloodshed. Violence only leads to remorse. Generations of bright minds have lost lives to the extremist group and only by rebuilding a peaceful and inclusive society, Afghan people can hold up the values they have fought for and enjoy the beautiful and prosperous country Afghanistan is and should be

Shirazi Foundation promotes and advocates for a peaceful and inclusive Afghanistan and hopes the violence against minorities and religious groups stops immediately