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Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

Rwanda 22 years later Wilson Center

The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the Wilson Center titled Rwanda 22 Years Later: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, explained how the Country in east Africa coped after its genocide while carefully picking up its pieces. Experts also made mention that Rwanda is ranked number five in the world’s  U.N. peacekeeping mission . Many have raised concerns of the country’s role in the great lakes region, while experts stated the solution was to on one hand bring the perpetrators of the violence to justice, while dealing with reconciliation for individuals who went through it. The Choices that the government has made to move forward after the genocide are largely based on the way the people wanted to be lead. The East African country  underwent a period of mass migration with over three million people fleeing the country for safety. Policy had to be put in place so that Rwanda could have free flow of its people in and out of the country. Overall the country has come from “a near failed state”  to a point where it has provided its people  hope and opportunity on its road to build a new Rwanda.