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Motley’s Law: The New Age Of Legal Representation

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The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the Atlantic Council titled Motley’s Law: The New Age Of Legal Representation. An expert in international law explained her  humble beginnings as a lawyer and the transition into international cases. In the beginning, the expert shared that is was a quest for justice to find out what is the true meaning of being just.An expert shared the  process of becoming  adapted to how things work from one country to the other.  She accomplished taking her victims cases to the highest courts in other countries and won from laws that had been on the books for years. The expert  also  went over roadblocks that occur in international cases  such as Ignorance to the law and lack of representation by any lawyers in countries that strip their citizens of their natural human rights.  Experts further examined are parts of Southeast Asia are becoming more accessible in terms of  legal representation and better  laws put in place to help victims of  human right violations.