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Islamic Relief USA 7th Annual Capitol Hill Ramadan Eid Luncheon

Shirazi Foundation attended the 7th Annual Capitol Hill Ramadan Eid Luncheon Hosted by Islamic Relief.  Among the many remarks, Congressman Keith Ellison started by addressing fellow members of Congress and experts with a brief introduction into the life of  Prophet Muhammad (S). The congressman highlighted the early supporters of Prophet Muhammad (S) when he began his mission namely his cousin Imam Ali (AS) and Khadija al Kubra (SA) the wife of Prophet Muhammad  (S). The congressman made an analogy between those who had to flee from Mecca to Ethiopia to seek refuge with the Christian king, as a result, this group became refugees.

The Congressman also spoke to attendees on the current involuntary fast placed on the tremendous amount of refugees after the Holy month of Ramadan and one should never forget to feed those less fortunate who suffer from hunger. Many members of Congress stressed the importance attached to ending global hunger through a unified effort and civic engagement.Shirazi Foundation shares similar values and has assisted orphans that have been left without shelter and provided clean drinking water, clothing, and food for those affected by poverty. For the past 50 years, Shirazi Foundation has helped orphans suffering from hunger and assisted in their daily needs.