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Irreversible Damage: Civilian Harm in Modern Conflict

USIP Afghanistan

The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the USIP (United States institute of Peace) titled Irreversible Damage: Civilian Harm in Modern Conflict. Experts shed light on issues such as how civilian harm became a catalyst that escalated  civilian casualties. Experts also shared the damage that is done to the family structure when civilians are  killed; these civilian can be a husband’s or providers of a family  and the family is now  cut off from being cared for , in turn the family has to now depend on government assistance to survive. The panel also spoke of the various numbers associated with violence in that region. There was a spike in Violence from 2007-2011 with an influx in the use of IEDs. The experts made recommendations that the U.S. Should figure out who are the key players in civil society and the best way of communications between Ngo’s and organizations to reduce casualties. Experts added that this is a strategic matter and not just a moral and humanitarian one.