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Imam Shirazi World Foundation Letter to the world leaders and presidents gathering in New York

to the world leaders and presidents gathering in New York.

Dear Presidents of governments and states,

Imam Shirazi World Foundation greets all of you with the Islamic Greetings:

May Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings  

be upon you!

Imam Shirazi World Foundation invites all of you as you are gathering here discussing world issues in the occasion of this global event to this kind of PEACE in a hope that you take this letter into consideration and you thus make your utmost efforts to find effective solutions that would limit the impacts and damages of the current situations highlighted in this letter.

Dear presidents,

For the last two decades, the third world has been suffering from numerous killing crises and catastrophes causing a constant flow of bloodshed in a number of countries.Deadly phenomena have emerged violating all life forms and living kinds with no distinction to what is a human, a plant, or even a stone.Nonehas been spared from the harm of this killing, terrorizing, destroying,and physical and spiritual attrition.Add to this thatall of these phenomena had been already preceded by a number of aggressive international and local wars; and forget not the other kinds of crises that are already challenging these countries.And the countries all across the Middle East in particular have become the spot of human crises and a clear portrait of the worsening human situations on human rights, politics, sociology and economics.

More catastrophic happenings have been also brought with the flood of what is so called the Arab Spring that came as a cry of the region’s nations for freedom from decades of tyranny and dictatorship practiced by the collapsed oppressing systems.

Followed by a mixed of political, religious and sectarian violence causing frustration for the rebelling nations who hoped that they soon would have their own freedom, security and peace; their revolutions were quickly snatched by the bloody, violent and terrorist groups that are BASICALLY backed up by the REMAINING dictatorship systems in the Arab world. These groups along with their supporting systems aim at having control by force and bloodshed in order to fix their dark agendas, hinder all shapes of human freedom and cause unprecedented corruption on earth.

What mostly challenges the third world nations in this phase is having their souls and belongings protectedafter the terrorist groups having controlled all of the countries in the region, forming welcoming hubs and thus being fully capable to violate all what is sacred and forbidden amid the lack of security and the political vacuum.

Dear presidents,

The political, religious and sectarian violence in Iraq, the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan is seen in total as deterioration at the entire humanity level especially with the atrocity of the massacres and the unlimited genocides happeningin these countries and many others. This should bring your attention as you are discussing the world’s human, political and economical issues at General Council at the United Nations and also let you move immediately according to a plan to limit these current human catastrophes. Being here bearing full responsibilities towards nations, you should be seriously finding a way out and an exist to stop this continuing bloodshed.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation urgently recommends the following in a hope that these recommendations would bring peace to the developing world:

  1. Condemning all of the political, religious and sectarian terrorist violent acts
  2. Finding a way to hinder the transformation and circulation of the bordercrossing weapons to the third world
  3. Placing pressure on the governments that are supporting and financing the extremist armed groups
  4. Stop selling weapons to dictator and tyrannical governments in the region
  5. Bringing to justice the official figures who support violence
  6. Stop the immigration of the European youths toward the conflict zones in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Afghanistan.
  7. Finding a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict and spare Syria from any other war crises.

May Allah grant us success,

Imam Shirazi World Foundation