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Dangerous Doctrine: did the U.S. Strategy Succeed or Fail

Herritage fo undation 6.1.16

The Shirazi Foundation attended an interactive conference hosted by the Heritage Foundation titled “Dangerous Doctrine: How Obama’s Grand Strategy Weakened America. An expert adamantly differed in his opinions of the current leader of the administration and examined whether or not his actions weakened  the U.S. globally. The expert condemned what he felt was a rejection to the classical approach toward foreign relations from the previous administrations. The expert examined whether the current administration has succeeded, failed or has it indeed minimized its role in the world today. The expert was highly critical of the current foreign policies and pointed out many aspects of the current administration in terms of foreign affairs. The experts addressed questions concerning the current role the U.S. plays in the economic development of Eurasia and whether or not it should reform the current system put in place by providing fewer services that help that region thrive economically.