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Condition of Refugees in Europe and the United States

Shirazi Foundation’s Mujtaba Mohammad maintains a constant contact with the Refugee camps in Europe and Northern America.

The organization has begun to contact refugee facilities located in some European countries and the United States of America to view the situation of residents and see their needs, especially women, children and people with special needs.

The contacts included camps in Canada, Italy, Germany, Turkey and America.

The spokesman said that the organization has moved in this humanitarian endeavor based on a number of complaints issued by Muslim women in the shelters, which suffer from different psychological pressure for various reasons, some cases of harassment at the forefront.

This follow-up became a necessary step with dire importance after His Excellency Sayid Sadegh Shirazi reiterated the importance of Muslims helping in the rebuilding process of areas ISIS has ruined and/or destroyed.

“Buildings are not all the unIslamic State destroyed, the worrying number of women, men, and children who lost lives to the extremist group are also part of the recovery and rebuilding” of the future of the region.” Sayed Sadegh Shirazi

The spokesman pointed out that “the efforts of the organization revealed the exposure of many refugees in the centers that have been seen from psychological suffering and a significant shortage of special needs.

The large influx of refugees during the last period caused a considerable crowding in the shelters, which resulted in the loss of Muslim women to many of their sacred characteristics and the degradation of their dignity, unfortunately.

According to the UNHCR report, women and girls constitute about 50 percent of the total number of 65.3 million refugees and displaced persons, often the most vulnerable because of their loss of protection.