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Arabia Incognita

The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies,  titled Arabia Incognita. An expert panel spoke on the west extensive involvement in the Middle East and where it’s headed. The Author presented  the  question as to where is  the responsibility of the International community on calling for a ceasefire by the Security Council in a recent war in that region. Experts stated that the west has supported countries in the middle east by equipping them with arms that are used to commit atrocities against humanity and are now heavily dependent on arms sells over oil. In the author’s opinion, sectarian violence in the region is the result of the violent attacks not the cause of it, in which many may respectfully disagree. The expert asserted that many preachers left to study in countries that are well known for its anti-Shia rhetoric and often commit violence against them, upon returning  from their studies they began propagating a message of division that leaned toward a Salafist Wahhabi set of beliefs. Overall  it was suggested that  this literary work is used to find the root of violence and track down the cause of war.