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A Foreign Minister perspective on Aid, ISIS and Reconciliation

Iraqi event

The Shirazi Foundation Attended an event hosted by the United States Institute of Peace titled Iraqi Foreign Minister on Aid, ISIS and Reconciliation. Experts started by explaining the importance of regaining a city in the conflict that was overtaken by ISIS and how this city is one of the places early on that ISIS declared its fictitious caliphate. Experts explained the goal of ISIS has been to try its best to spread into different parts of the world and that the people who fight against them are fighting on behalf of humanity. Recently terrorist has attacked places such as crowded Soccer fields, and a crowded market area killing many people from many faiths while numbers suggest that the majority of the victims were children. Experts mentioned that they appealed to the international community on three different levels, hosting displaced people affected by the conflict, military assistance and assisting this region of the  Middle East in the  post-liberation phase of the conflict. Experts discussed the importance of its diplomacy process with neighboring countries and provided  examples of countries that have themselves from each other  in the past  and the barriers  and problems that exist between the two.