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Statement on World Radio Day

Radio or audio broadcasting has played a key role in transferring information throughout the world, and effect how we perceive information. In the last century, visual broadcasting has amplified how the information is broadcasted. Wars, natural disasters, festivities, national holidays and etc., can be broadcasted via television or satellite and the message can be delivered much faster and more clear than ever before.
    The responsibility of mankind in dealing with incidents that affect us all has increased. Faith based entities, and humanitarian organizations have the great responsibility in their shoulders; especially now that broadcasting has become much easier and affordable. Sayed Mohammad Shirazi was one of the pioneers or starting a radio channel in Karbala, Iraq called Tawjihat Al-Diniya more than 50 years ago and it continues to serve people of Karbala until today.

After continuous efforts, in 2002 the first satellite station started to serve people, and act as an international Shia broadcasting television. Today; there are more than 100 satellite channels promoting cause of Ahlul Bayt and Nonviolent ideology of Islam. Sayed Mohammad Al- Shirazi has pioneered advancement of broadcasting in both modern and traditional sense (the pulpit)

Islam is a peaceful religion and promotes peaceful coexistence among all citizens, and our broadcasting networks can play a key role in letting the world know that. In order to be effective; the following are key points to keep in mind; 1; Quality as oppose to quantity. 2; Pioneering new ideas and approaches. 3; understanding the audience and broadcasting for the target audience. 4; showcasing the truth and staying away from propaganda, and finally 5; staying on the path of Ahlul Bayt, as it is closest to what prophet of Islam, Mohammad peace be upon him, has preached to  mankind.
    Broadcasting has become part of people’s lives, and in one way or another; it helps shape their lives. Hence, it is important to be part of the change.