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Shirazi Network, a platform for all

In commemoration of Sayyed Reza Shirazi

Education is core mechanism of success in any society, and educators are key players of such task.  Islamic ideology recognizes the importance of teaching and levels it with the mission of Prophets, ( Peace be Upon Them )
In memory of one of the most dedicated educators of our time, Sayyed Reza Shirazi, who has been recognized for his in debth reesarch and expertese in Islam, to its highest level, and on the anniversary of his unfortunate martyrdom, Shirazi Foundation announces its digital directory of Shirazi Network ( www.Shirazinetwork.com )

    Shirazi Network facilitates a search engine platform where Shirazi Foundations and its affiliates around the world are easily accessible for public use. This website is categorized based on countries where these facilities are located in, and types of organizations are also grouped for ease of access.

Organization Types available on ShiraziNetwork.com are as follows:

  • Analytical & Research Entity
  • Charity Hospital
  • Charity Organization
  • Cogregation ( Hussainiya )
  • Family Services
  • Grants  & Not for Profit Loans
  • Health Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Human Rights Organization
  • Magazine
  • Maritial No Interest Loans Organization
  • Media Broadcasting
  • Mosque
  • Museum
  • Orphanage
  • Private School
  • Public Library
  • Publication
  • Radio
  • Shirazi Foundation
  • Theater
  • Theological School
  • Think Tank
  • University
  • Women Specialty NGO

It is our honor to make available resources and facilities which are built by donations of public, to serve the public, and aim to progress in the humanitarian field as fast as humanly possible.

Shirazi Foundation Team

Washington D.C