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On the eve of the Arab League Summit in Tunisia

Shirazi Foundation calls upon Arab leaders to look at problems in the Middle East through a new perspective and come up with productive solutions.  Politicians, Arab leaders, and affiliates will be meeting at the Arab summit to be held in Tunisia to seek out the crises that plague Arab societies and its people at the political, economic, and social and security levels, which have left disasters and calamities that have left their negative effects.

War has negative and disastrous consequences and loss of a generation of youth and young people is one of those consequences that cannot be gained again or fixed. Arab leaders have an opportunity to build a bright future for their citizens and reinstate hope in the hearts of people.

 It is important to seek opportunities and facilitate chances for people to have social and economic growth is the initial step, and more importantly, are tangible steps to advocate for peaceful coexistence amongst all citizens of different faiths and nationalities.

Shirazi Foundation advocates for a peaceful, inclusive, and pluralistic coexistence in all countries and hopes for prosperous growth and betterment of the conditions in the Middle East.