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Khadija Bint Khuwaylid, First Woman’s Rights Advocate in Islam

The rights of women in Islam are protected at all times and should be honored by all humanity. To further understand the example of women’s rights in Islam it is as simple as taking a look into the lives of  women who surrounded Muhammad (s)  supported him and were honored and respected by him at all times. As an example, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid wife of Muhammad (s), played a productive role in the life of Muhammad (s). In a publication by Sayed Muhammad Shirazi the story about women’s rights in Islamic history:

In 610 CE,  when  Muhammad (‘s)  descended from the place where he  received revelation one of the two he approached was Ali and a woman by the name of  Khadija bint Khuwaylid which was his wife. “The Prophet Muhammad conveyed the news and the Message to Ali and Lady Khadijah.”Ali and Khadija bint Khuwaylid  both embraced the new revelation instantly and without any hesitation”.

Khadija bint Khuwaylid was a businesswoman she was known to be honorable she was free, intelligent and made her own decisions. She was not only a business owner but she was Muhammad (s) supervisor for many years as she would hire him to work for her business.  This is the life of a free woman who was free to pursue her education if so desired and free to live out her dreams.

There has been in the past a systematic stereotyping against Islam and Muslims and a relentless campaign to distort the image and as a result, the misconception has developed which portrays Islam as a system of violence, intolerance, denial of women’s right, and the list goes on. Whereas on the contrary Islam stresses non-violence, tolerance, safeguarding women’s right in particular and human right in general to an extent that is not available under any other system.

Nonviolence plays a key role throughout Islamic history, while being an highly important component in the family structure. We see that even in the institution of marriage between spouses non-violence should be taught and practiced at all times and one should not subject any women to violence. In the book  “The family by Sayed Mohammed Shirazi it states;

H.E Shirazi also reiterates;

“If a person uses his intelligence and strengthens his faith in God and desires His reward and fears His punishment.  A good upbringing and the development of an environment of tolerance and loving and non-violence are the best way in manifold  areas of life. Hence, the parents should school themselves and their children in noble morals and praiseworthy virtues and non-violence in marital matters so that they may find happiness in this world and the next**

Furthermore, it can also be found in the Holy Quran the level of respect placed upon women which reads;

‘And women shall have rights similar to the rights

against them  according to what is equitable’.

Holy Quran 2 – 228

‘They are your garments and ye are their garments’.

Holy Quran 2 – 187:

‘But men have a degree over them’.

Holy Quran 2 – 228

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