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Economic Justice

Economic justice means bringing classes closer together rather than striking total equality amongst them. This cannot be achieved through the automatic distribution of wealth, as some people imagine, for such is a backward and primitive method. Justice can be achieved, however, through equal opportunities provided to all people In his book “Economics” (Case no. 9), Shirazi says,  “it is necessary to guarantee all people equality in economic matters, for all people are the offspring of one father and one mother…” *

We first take a glance at business ownership and how it helps those who are from impoverished environments. We will view equal opportunity from the aspect of financial inclusion and the evolution of education and opportunity.

There is a robust opinion that exists amongst many experts that owning a business can help reduce the racial and ethnic wealth gap by allowing individuals to fulfill their potential to create wealth-generating opportunities for themselves and others. Equitable opportunities for entrepreneurship may also increase jobs and economic development in areas where people who are less fortunate with lower incomes disproportionately reside, which in turn improves the health and socioeconomic status of vulnerable households and communities as well as the economic performance of regional economies.

Every expert who has personally pledged to advocate for social justice and equal rights while concerning themselves with the importance of safeguarding equal opportunity as a way of helping to ensure that we all  have a fair chance  to succeed should take a very close look at economic justice. Despite amazing human advancements, one question still exists among the working class. is there equal opportunity for all despite, race,religion, sex, ethnicity, caste, or involuntary personal attributes such as disability, or age.

Some experts say that more diversity in the workforce exist now more than it has ever been in the past. Some may differ in this  opinion but the question still remains has the  playing field balanced out in terms of equal opportunities?. For example, in today’s global economy a quality education has become more of a prerequisite for success than a pathway to opportunity. Women and girls of color have advanced considerably, in the educational realm, while opportunity gaps remain between them and their peers that belong to a diverse ethnic background .

Furthermore, many around the globe suffer due to the unfair practices of limitation in terms of  opportunity. When opportunities are made available to every citizen by those who rule, societies grow to their full potential. These societies bring forth some of the brightest minds,  future thinkers, professors, inventors, environmental engineers, lawyers, doctors and so much more. For this reason, alone we should take a deeper look into the publications of H.E. Shirazi, and find practical resolutions to economic justice.


*Aspects of the Political pg.44, M. Shirazi, al-Fiqh series, volumes 107-108, “Economics”


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