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Dealing with the Issue of Migration

Today many countries and the international community face a variety of  challenges in the matter of refugees and deal with  topics related to how to host them .    

Throughout history when full-scale hostilities in countries have ended the resolution of many armed conflicts throughout the world continue to be elusive. The continuation of these conflicts and their consequences, as well as the risk of renewed conflicts, has given rise to an emerging interest in protracting displacement. In Iraq alone, a number of the displaced due to war, violence and fighting has exceeded 3.09 million people and the number keeps growing.

 The question arises, is there a place in the religious and historical text that  support and encourage the efforts to help Internationally Displaced Persons, I.D.P’s, resume normal lives in safety and dignity.

We begin by taking a look at the Shirazi view on helping the many IDPs and those who have become orphans due to the crisis, from and Islamic faith standpoint and a frame of reference derived from Islamic Fiqh (law).

As outlined in the book Islamic Book of Law, and also displayed on Shirazifoundation.org ’s  Focus Areas  where His Excellency Shirazi states the following:

“Hundreds of innocent people are being killed every day as a result of suicide bombings, targeted killings etc. resulting into kids to become orphans and many women to become widows, left without  a shelter to live in, clothing to wear or good food to eat . For the past 50 years, ISF has helped kids find friendly families to live with and be assisted in their daily need getting the proper education to succeed in their life.”

H.E.  Shirazi has also stated in his Islamic book of law.In  the matter of orphans and displaced travelers and the distribution of the Islamic Tax it states;

“Khums literally means one-fifth and it is the rate levied on incomes as given in the Holy Qur’an: [Know that whatever thing you may come by, a fifth of it is for Allah and the Apostle, for the relatives and the orphans, for the needy and the [stranded] traveler, if you have faith in Allah and what We sent down to Our servant on the Day of Distinction, the day when the two hosts met; and Allah has power over all things]. 8:41. *

This editorial aims to make a few short  recommendations towards the treatment of IDP’s  while helping them regain control over their affairs in life. It is strongly supported by Islamic text that one should work diligently to straighten up his life as a whole, As it is stated by Shirazi who quotes Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) ;


“I urge you by Allah to organise your affairs”**

The Shirazi Foundation has conducted extensive research into the many challenges that individual face while  being displaced from their homeland and believes that society should be compassionate toward the well-being of IDP’s at all times.

Furthermore, H.E. has  mentioned in one of his current  statements in regards to the refugee crisis:

“It is a shame upon Muslim leaders of Muslim countries that their people are seeking refuge in non-Muslim countries. It is in Islamic governments that refugee should be sought, not away from them. If there was an actual Islamic Government existing today, Muslims would not be seeking asylum in non-Muslim countries”.

~Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Al-Shirazi regarding the refugee crisis


* Islamic Law by Sayed Sadiq Shirazi pg. 305

** See: Nahj al-balaghah: letter 47.

The Shia and their beliefs, Pg.25

Sayed Mohammad Shirazi

Gathered and Written By:        

Ibrahim Jabbar   

                                Research Department

Shirazi Foundation