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Shaping the Future: Geopolitics and the Middle East

Washington D.C director of Shirazi Foundation attends an event hosted by the Middle East Institute titled “Shaping the Future: Geopolitics and the Middle East.” Through out this interactive event, distinguished guests elaborate on what is at stake in the Middle East, and what are possible scenarios for how the future of the region looks to become.

Ambassador Polaschik, Ambassador Gerald Feierstein, the honorable Rolf Mutzenich, and Ms. Karen Attiah shared a fruitful discussion on this complex topic and emphasized on importance of understanding the region before trying to decide for its future. Shirazi Foundation Washington D.C director pointed out there are more to the Middle East than just a Geopolitical dimension.

There are more religious minorities and Ethnic groups that are not represented in the decision making process. Minorities need to become part of the decision making process of the future of Middle East if we as the global village aim for a peaceful outcome and  a long lasting coexistence in the region, otherwise there will always be turmoil, and turmoil means instability in economic and political terms.