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Poverty Prevention (Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger ):

To ensure equality amongst the citizens, fair economic solutions need to be

adopted to all levels of the society. This is a crucial matter for the growth

and sustainability of any country. Ayatollah Shirazi offers key points and suggestions based on

the Islamic Laws that tie the economic viewpoint to the rights of the citizens. It is also his eminence views that in order to reduce and eliminate economic instability and poverty ,

Ayatollah Shirazi suggests an Islamic banking system with zero interest, where borrowers have maximum financial growth ability at minimum expense. It has also  been stressed that we should follow in the steps of Imam Ali (pbuh)  at all times by considering  the needs of the orphans and furthermore all those who have hope in Allah and the day of resurrection, and who contemplate the reform of society should concern themselves with assisting the poor, women and the orphans.