What have Shiites done wrong to deserve such consequence?

By Mohammad Akhwand

Executive Director of Freemuslim Assoc. Inc


      The new “easy fix” seems to be a common method in the Middle East and that is to target the growing democracy seeking minority, blame them for the upraises against their government, reduce their rights , make a small change in the government and call it a democratic re-election of the power. People of the Middle East have realized that no one will make any effort to help them unless they up rise against the ruling powers in their countries. As a national effort, they are working day and night, united and put aside their minor differences and hope to change the way their governments run their countries. The growing opposition is constructed from Shiites ( Shias ) Muslims present throughout the middle east, Sunni Muslims, Christian and Jewish democracy seekers. Since Shiites ( shias ) out number the rest of opposition groups, they become the face of the opposition, the moving force, and the first thing that every monarchy does is to affiliate their opposition to a foreign enemy. Shiites are automatically linked to the Iranian government solely because of their common faith!

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