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Islamic Liberalism: Real or False Hope?


Islamic LiberalismShirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by Cato Institute titled Islamic Liberalism: Real or False Hope?. An expert panel convened to discuss the perspective of Islam through a liberalism lens. Expert remarks included a brief look into liberalism through comparative religions and those who were said to be past reformers. Experts suggested that liberalism tends to flourish in an aristocratic society throughout history. The Idea was presented that Islam and Christianity cannot be viewed through the same lens in terms of liberalism because Prophet Muhammad (s) was not only a religious figure like Jesus, he was also a head of state and had to deal with matters of governance. The question was debated whether or not Prophet Muhamad  (s) was a politician. The questions were also asked why does Islam have to be liberalized in the first place, and what if it is that many Muslims in any given Islamic society proclaim that they don’t necessarily want to be liberal and would like to express their illiberalism through a democratic process peacefully within a legal framework.


Preventing Future Financial Crises

1.25.17 atlantic councilOn January 25th 2017, Shirazi Foundation’s outreach manager Ibrahim Jabbar attended a symposium hosted by the Atlantic Council titled, “The Power of Transparency Series Too Big to Fail? The Power of Transparency in Preventing Future Financial Crises.

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What ISIS' Files Reveal About Their Fighters

New America july 20  2016The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by  New America titled, All Jihad Is Local: What ISIS' Files Reveal About Their Fighters. Experts presented research from a detailed report that displays the methodology of ISIS, average fighter, the province by province analysis, high-volume origin provinces and policy recommendations. Most of the fighters in Asia came from a particular western region. Experts also mentioned through his research 75% of Asian fighters joined ISIS  once certain cities in the Middle East were overtaken by the terrorist group.  In some parts of Middleast, they have seen people join the group due to the fact they can no longer pay workers in the oil trade because many of them struggle to stay relevant economically. One of the key factors the terror  group used to recruit new fighters have been high levels of youth unemployment. An expert presented a theory that ISIS strategy in the west is to force Muslims into a compulsory choice with their attacks and attempting to trick many into joining them. Experts also pointed out that the motive to join the group varies in different parts of the world. s also pointed out that the motive to join the group varies in different parts of the world.

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