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What ISIS' Files Reveal About Their Fighters

New America july 20  2016The Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by  New America titled, All Jihad Is Local: What ISIS' Files Reveal About Their Fighters. Experts presented research from a detailed report that displays the methodology of ISIS, average fighter, the province by province analysis, high-volume origin provinces and policy recommendations. Most of the fighters in Asia came from a particular western region. Experts also mentioned through his research 75% of Asian fighters joined ISIS  once certain cities in the Middle East were overtaken by the terrorist group.  In some parts of Middleast, they have seen people join the group due to the fact they can no longer pay workers in the oil trade because many of them struggle to stay relevant economically. One of the key factors the terror  group used to recruit new fighters have been high levels of youth unemployment. An expert presented a theory that ISIS strategy in the west is to force Muslims into a compulsory choice with their attacks and attempting to trick many into joining them. Experts also pointed out that the motive to join the group varies in different parts of the world. s also pointed out that the motive to join the group varies in different parts of the world.

A Conversation with the Sultan of Sokoto: on Peace, Development Initiatives, Challenges, and Potential Prospects.

Sultan of NigeriaThe Shirazi Foundation attended an event hosted by the Wilson Center titled “A Conversation with the Sultan of Sokoto: Peace and Development Initiatives, Challenges, and Potential Prospects in Nigeria”. The experts spoke of many aspects of religious tolerance and denounced the recent attacks from terrorist groups in Europe. Experts mentioned that if peace does not bring stability to a country then violence will not. Experts quoted an excerpt from the verse of the Holy Quran  Surah 5: Al-Ma-idah: Verse 32 “ ... That whoso slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, shall be as if he had slain mankind altogether”..., Experts  indicated that  one should refrain from all acts of violence and advised that one should be very careful not to generalize every Muslim behind the actions of  a few who don't truly represent the Islamic faith. The many similarities between  religions and messages of nonviolence were some of the main issues that were addressed. Shirazi Foundation expert on foreign affairs- policy, asked questions to the delegation of the Sultan on the current status of the Shia Scholar in captivity concerning his health and wellbeing.

A Foreign Minister perspective on Aid, ISIS and Reconciliation

Iraqi eventThe Shirazi Foundation Attended an event hosted by the United States Institute of Peace titled Iraqi Foreign Minister on Aid, ISIS and Reconciliation. Experts started by explaining the importance of regaining a city in the conflict that was overtaken by ISIS and how this city is one of the places early on that ISIS declared its fictitious caliphate. Experts explained the goal of ISIS has been to try its best to spread into different parts of the world and that the people who fight against them are fighting on behalf of humanity. Recently terrorist has attacked places such as crowded Soccer fields, and a crowded market area killing many people from many faiths while numbers suggest that the majority of the victims were children. Experts mentioned that they appealed to the international community on three different levels, hosting displaced people affected by the conflict, military assistance and assisting this region of the  Middle East in the  post-liberation phase of the conflict. Experts discussed the importance of its diplomacy process with neighboring countries and provided  examples of countries that have themselves from each other  in the past  and the barriers  and problems that exist between the two.

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